Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Herald of Christ: Evan Proverbs

Evan Proverbs was awarded the Herald of Christ award on October 25th at North-Mar Church of the C&MA. He is a member of North-Mar’s Christian Service Brigade, Battalion Unit 1180.

Evan successfully completed all requirements necessary to receive the highest honor awarded by Christian Service Brigade. The Herald of Christ award is the culmination of the Battalion achievement discipleship program. The award requires a minimum of a nine month internship with a committee of men guiding the candidate on a comprehensive journey through Bible study, memorization, and doctrine; biblical introspection; as well as ministry and community service.

Dale Kinkade, Regional Director for CSB Ministries, presented the award in the presence of family, friends, and members of the church and Battalion.

Evan is a resident of Southington, Ohio, and the son of Tom and Sherry Proverbs. Evan is attending Ohio University and perusing a degree in Media Arts – Games and Animation.

Evan's testimony includes God working greatly through Battalion. He began his essay, “When I first began my journey in the Battalion program, I did so quite unwillingly. However, throughout my walk, I have realized the true colors of Battalion and the guys there will be lifelong friends and brothers in Christ.”

Battalion 1180 is pleased to recognize Evan’s steadfast commitment and endurance in this great accomplishment.

Find out more about the Herald of Christ recognition.

Evan Proverbs with the men of his Herald of Christ committee


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