Monday, April 5, 2021

Father & Son Spring Getaway 2021


May 7th & 8th

Quality Time for Fathers and Sons at Scenic Stony Glen (grades 1-12)

  • Programming includes riflery, archery, 2 liter bottle rockets, devotions, and more
  • Your choice of comfortable cabins or tent camping, along with Friday night snacks and Saturday breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Bring your own bedding.
  • Free-time activities include scenic hikes, fishing, and games (Bring your own fishing tackle)

At this time Stony Glen has a masking policy in common buildings, unless eating. Be prepared to wear masks during food service and other limited times.

More Information Here

The Passing of Russell Parsons

 I'm sad to announce the passing of Russell Parsons. Russell went to be with our Lord and Savior on April 3rd, celebrating Easter 2021 in the presence of the perfect Lamb.

Russell was very involved in ministering through CSB Ministries in Ohio for many years. I first remember Russell helping his good friend Harold Callahan with Stockade in Warren, Ohio. Russell was also a cherished member of Ohio Brigade Camp staff. When I was a junior counselor, I remember him umpiring our camp baseball games, and also being the victim of the kissing bandit. Like many, I was known to him as "boy" - even after I became the director of CSB Ministries and Ohio Brigade Camp. I really got to know Russell well when I was the onsite summer camp director. When not cleaning bathrooms, Russell would spend plenty of time in our air conditioned office. And it was not long before his memory and brilliance became evident. Russell would regularly remind me of things I needed to take care of, so I began to refer to him as my executive secretary.

Russel used his memory to memorize many Bible verses and passages. He ministered at camp by doing the jobs others would not want to do. He ministered to boys by praying diligently and consistently for them and for Ohio Brigade Camp.

Russell did all of this despite living with cerebral palsy. Well done good and faithful servant!

See Russell's Obituary Here

Friday, December 11, 2020

John Beaty 1949 - 2020

 John Beaty went into the presence of the Lord on December 5th. My early memories of John include playing football at the Battalion comporah with a very fast, wiry, short, tough guy. I also had the privilege of  serving as an assistant leader with him in an Observer Battalion cabin at camp, and visiting him of and on through the years.

You can see John's obituary here

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Connie Patrick 1926 - 2020

Connie Patrick was reunited with her husband Bob as she entered the presence of the Lord November 5. I have fond memories of Bob leading crafts and Connie running the camp store when I was a Stockader at Brigade camp. The Patrick cabin at Stony Glen was built in honor of Bob.

You can see Connie's obituary here

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Herald of Christ: Evan Proverbs

Evan Proverbs was awarded the Herald of Christ award on October 25th at North-Mar Church of the C&MA. He is a member of North-Mar’s Christian Service Brigade, Battalion Unit 1180.

Evan successfully completed all requirements necessary to receive the highest honor awarded by Christian Service Brigade. The Herald of Christ award is the culmination of the Battalion achievement discipleship program. The award requires a minimum of a nine month internship with a committee of men guiding the candidate on a comprehensive journey through Bible study, memorization, and doctrine; biblical introspection; as well as ministry and community service.

Dale Kinkade, Regional Director for CSB Ministries, presented the award in the presence of family, friends, and members of the church and Battalion.

Evan is a resident of Southington, Ohio, and the son of Tom and Sherry Proverbs. Evan is attending Ohio University and perusing a degree in Media Arts – Games and Animation.

Evan's testimony includes God working greatly through Battalion. He began his essay, “When I first began my journey in the Battalion program, I did so quite unwillingly. However, throughout my walk, I have realized the true colors of Battalion and the guys there will be lifelong friends and brothers in Christ.”

Battalion 1180 is pleased to recognize Evan’s steadfast commitment and endurance in this great accomplishment.

Find out more about the Herald of Christ recognition.

Evan Proverbs with the men of his Herald of Christ committee


Saturday, October 17, 2020

Father & Son Winter Getaway 2020

December 4th and 5th
Sponsored by Ohio Valley Region CSB Ministries
Held at Stony Glen Camp

Ohio Valley Region, CSB Ministries is once again offering a special winter getaway for fathers and sons grades 1 - 12. Register today - then spread the news and bring some friends.

Go to our event website for pricing, more information, to print fliers, or to register today!
  • This Year's activities include Airsoft, Shepherd’s Slinging, Orienteering, Great Hikes, & More
  • Comfortable cabins along with Friday night snacks and Saturday breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Bring your own bedding. 
  • Free-time activities include scenic hikes, fishing, and games (Bring your own fishing tackle) 

(Stony Glen is currently requiring masks in public buildings. Outdoor use of masks will be at your own discretion)


Wednesday, September 23, 2020

A Great Day Out for Fathers and Sons (grades 6 – 12) October 3rd

This is a great event for 6th through 12th grade guys to experience a day of shooting !


  • Guys will get a great introduction or be able to increase their skills with an arsenal that includes bows, .22s, and shotguns – we might even toss in some ax throwing.
  • NRA 50 ft. small bore scoring on the rifle range.
  • Battalions and Fathers and Sons welcome.
  • You do not need to be a part of a Battalion to participate in this event.
  • Awards for best junior shooter and a wild game lunch included.

When:  Saturday, October 3th 2020

from 10:00 to 3:00 p.m.

Where:  Stony Glen Camp

How Much:  All for $10.00 per person

Lunch is provided